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It is a company which belongs to the Di Martino family who has had farming and the love for the land running through their blood for generations. The 724 hectares of land in Puglia are cultivated with 300 hectares of cereals, legumes, sun-flowers and industrial tomatoes while 176 hectares are dedicated to the farming of olives. The majority of the olive trees, which have been recognised as a Protected Variety (DOP Terra di Bari - sottosezione Castel del Monte) were planted by the ancestors of the current managers using a IOXIO planting pattern. These century old plants (cultivar Coratina), maintained in perfect productive health, have been supplemented by 15 hectares of intensive olive groves (cultivar Perenzana, Nocellara, Bella di Spagna and Picholine) in the last 10 years.