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The agricultural system used in Tenute Caracci is that of integrated production, a method of working the land that involves the use of phytosanitary substances with minimal impact on the environment and a working of the land that aims at the most devoted respect for the territory. The natural resources are optimized to avoid waste; for example, water, used for irrigation, is considered a precious asset to be used with criteria and gratitude.
In Tenute Caracci there is a deep integration between tradition and modernity , with the use of machinery and technologies in step with the times in order to ensure environmental, economic and social sustainability .
Over time, Tenute Caracci has maintained its high standards of quality and professionalism constant. Fast delivery of the products is guaranteed directly to your home: within 3 working days all over Italy you can taste all the wonderful delicacies produced on the estate.


Nocellara del Belice extra virgin olive oil is a high quality product, with a green color and golden yellow reflections. Its flavor tends to be sweet with spicy and bitter notes . The DOP mark guarantees its very high quality.

For three generations Tenute Caracci has been tradition and respect for the cycles of nature

Tenute Caracci
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