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All products Oil Olivar El Valle, SL strictly complies with Community law and Spanish regarding oils classified as Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


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Aceites Olivar del Valle SL was born when
Mr. Ícaro Olivieri decided to expand the agricultural activity of his property in Bolaños de Calatrava, which was already active in the cultivation of cereals, vineyards and olives .
Building in this way, a Modern Mill for the transformation of olives from our own trees.
Coexisting centennial trees and recently planted trees

Aceites Olivar del Valle, SL is the fruit of our land and the value of seeking quality and excellence in all our work. In the year 2002-2003 encouraged by the excellent quality of the oil obtained from the different varieties of olive trees grown on the Olivar del Valle farm,

Sus olivos, esmeradamente cultivados, forman un medio paisaje. Los nombres de las diferentes partidas evocan el pasado: el Olivar Grande, el Americano, el Cerro del Tesoro, el Guijo, los Calares, Palomitas, Cesáreo, etc.


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All Aceites Olivar del Valle, SL products strictly comply with Community and Spanish regulations regarding oils classified as Extra Virgin Olive Oil . But beyond compliance with the regulations, the owners and the team of professionals who make up the human capital of Olivar del Valle, we seek, through our oils, the total commitment between respect for the environment and the preservation of nature, as well as offering you a product of the highest quality .

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