Olio quattrociocchi Awards

The Americo Quattrociocchi oil mill constantly receives very important awards for the excellent quality of what it produces. For years, each of its products has been known throughout the world for the attention they devote to an ingredient used and for the meticulous attention dedicated to each stage of processing. Below some awards ...


Olio Quattrociocchi History

The pruning is also done in a wise and accurate way,
fruit of a tradition handed on from generations,
allows to obtain large and meaty olives giving high quality oil.
The pruning is done in the first days of February, and it is done by hand by trained personnel.
After pruning,
a treatment is
carried out based on
copper and lime to disinfect the tree.

Today the olives are still picked by hand and pressed
daily to keep its taste and fragance.
The harvesting,
is a delicate operation and its implementation will depend on the success of the oil.
We select the best olives resulting in a fine quality while
preserving the
integrity of the olive oil itself, and a longer shelf life.
This is an ancient
technique but that's where lies the secret of our oil..

the oil is cold pressed, so the fruit with the gently pressed, produces a high quality oil with a fruity fragrance oil, the pride of the company. The olives are placed in special containers, weighed and contrinate and subsequently placed in the cycle of production that takes place at a temperature below 27 ° C, which is the maximum allowed threshold to define the cold pressing. the extraction is carried out in stainless steel tanks to ensure perfect preservation of the product remaining inside these containers until bottling. Is not carried out any kind of filtering.

Olio Quattrociocchi product


Also this year the Quattrociocchi oil got a great prize for Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil from organic farming, Olivastro - Black Label.

It is since 1888 that the Quattrociocchi family is edicated to the cultivation of olive trees, handing over the years this passion and keeping in time and in full respect of tradition. The farm, still the residence of Quattrociocchi family, is situated among olive trees. Also in the wake of the best tradition, Americo Quattrociocchi grandson of the founder, produces his best oil promoting it on the best


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