Olioguglielmi Awards

PUGLIA IGP oil comes from selected olives, milled quickly and at very low temperatures. An oil with a green color with golden hues, irrepressible in the scents of fresh grass, artichoke and tomato Its medium-intense flavor accompanied by the typical bitter and spicy notes that make it decisive, but well balanced.

Olioguglielmi's product 

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Olio Guglielmi renews its line of extra virgin olive oil by adding a single-dose glass bottle of 20ml: Mignon.

Coratina Monocultivar

Coratina is the extra virgin olive oil for those who love strong "characters".
Queen among the cultivars of Italy for the high content of polyphenols, very powerful antioxidants that return that tingle in the throat during tasting, Coratina is the symbol of the olive tree in Puglia.
The olives, harvested during the first weeks of October, are pressed within two hours.

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organic extra virgin olive oil LEAF is our tribute to nature, a tribute to life, to eating with conscience. Extra virgin olive oil improves life, organic extra virgin olive oil even more.

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The manual of tasting
Olio Guglielmi is a guide simple and practical to learn to grasp flavors and aromas that characterize the ' extra virgin olive oil

The Guglielmi Oil tasting manual, thanks to a clear explanation accompanied by icons, allows you to recognize the flavors perceived on the palate.We will explain in a short time what are the oil tasting techniques and what is the sensory vocabulary to use to describe strengths and weaknesses.

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We have been taking care of our olive trees since 1954 . For more than 60 years my family has been creating extra virgin olive oil with olives from our land. Today we continue to innovate this story, keeping the roots of Puglia's oil culture firm thanks to technological change . Olio Guglielmi is an ever new story .

Andria. Puglia. Second post-war period. It's time to roll up the sleeves, to rebuild the rubble. To be reborn in the spirit thanks to the work. The will is not lacking. It was Saverio, the family ancestor, who laid the first brick of the oil mill in those years, of what will become today the activity of Olio Guglielmi, a company in constant movement. With Nonno Saverio, a whole family was born, an "oil family".

Children and grandchildren dedicate themselves to cultivating

160 hectares of olive groves, harvesting olives and milling them for the creation of that “genuinely” excellent extra virgin olive oil.


When an olive grower works with passion he is hungry for research. Technological innovation, the ambition for modernization is a condition that has always existed in the “oil family”.

The pearls of wisdom of Apulian olive growing, handed down from generation to generation, are not only preserved but even enhanced by a vision of production that looks to the future. Thus was born a New Frantoio.

1200 square meters for 5 production lines.

Here, thanks to the milling within a few hours of harvesting,
an innovative extraction system and a rigorous
control of all stages of the production process,
the various extra virgin olive oils come to life.


The leaves, a symbol. The olive tree an icon, the olives an emblem. The olive groves for Olio Guglielmi are the engine of everything.
The meticulous, careful and loving care comes from an extreme respect for nature and from the awareness that extra virgin olive oil is born on the branch, from the well-cared for, healthy fruit.
Coratina, Peranzana and Ogliarola are just some of the typical cultivars of the Puglia region protected by precise work on the fields, as a real heritage to be safeguarded, which is why the olive groves are personally cared for daily by the family.

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 PUGLIA PGI extra virgin olive oil offers maximum certainty in terms of authenticity. Each bottle is guaranteed by the consortium, verifying the entire production chain, rigorously made in PUGLIA, from the plant to the packaging.


Via Canosa, 443 Andria
- 76123, Puglia -
VAT: 03401970722 -
+39 0883 591815