Tradition, passion and love for nature. These are the elements that pushed the Scarola and Antonelli's families to focus into pursuing their ambition: to transform a simple passed down through generations farm into a strictly ecological footprint company, that is able to offer the consumer a highly genuine product.

That is how, in 1998, Macchia Verde Bio was born from the spouses Michele Scarola and Maria Antonelli, in the Bari area close to the Alta Murgia national park, a company that aims to enhance the great potential of the territory.

In 2014 they built an oil mill aimed at the purpose of carefully controlling every single working phase to obtain a high-quality olive oil, focusing on those small details that only craftsmanship can provide.
Their two children Caterina (management engineer) and Giovanni (passionate of nutrition and sport) also took an active role in managing this new business, confident in the importance of bringing young people closer to the land.


1.ORGANIC EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL - Lo SMERALDO is ideal for those who want to experience intense and decisive flavors, new gastronomic combinations and, being with a high energy content and high condensing power, it is also ideal for those who follow low-calorie diets, because it is enough to pour it in small quantities to flavor any dish.

2.ORGANIC EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL - L'ELIODORO looks like a medium fruity, full-bodied, golden yellow in color with green reflections, with a harmonious and balanced taste, with subtly bitter and spicy sensations. On the nose it recalls genuine aromas, which unmistakably recall those of the olive at the right degree of ripeness, of banana and apple. It is ideal for enhancing the flavors of any dish without covering them.

3. ORGANIC EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL - CLASSIC is a balanced olive oil of high quality, extracted from a mixture of coratina ogliarola and olives. It has a golden yellow color with greenish reflections, a medium fruity taste, full-bodied, with notes of almonds and artichoke. It is suitable for a wide range of uses and could even be called « everyday olive oil ». 

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Macchia Verde Bio is an Apulian family farm. "Health in an Olive squeeze" is our motto: it contains the passion and seriousness that we put into our activity every day. Our product is an organic olive oil of excellent quality, made with attention to the small details that only the craftsmanship allows. Ours is an oil that respects the environment and health and its benefits make of it a real elixir of life! Many awards confirm the high level of this product.

Macchia Verde
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