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Producer Story 

Jordan Olive Oil is an owner-run family business and was founded by Rolf, Heidi and Bastian Jordan , who have been living on the island of Lesbos since 1989. Thomas and Doris Kerner, the parents of Heidi Jordan and grandparents of Bastian Jordan, permanently live on the island of Lesbos and take care of the Olive groves on site in Greece. So three generations are constantly working for the success of Jordan Olive Oil.

The Jordan and Kerner families have known and traveled to the Greek island of Lesbos since the 1970s.

Our common house in Plagia was built in 1989 out of love for the island and the people. Our property is located near Plomarion, in the middle of the olive groves of our mountain region. There are some very old olive trees on our property, which have inspired us to deal with the product olive and especially olive oil. We were not only impressed by the olive tree, this extraordinary cultivated plant, but also by the work of the olive farmers who have been producing olive oil in unique harmony with nature for generations.

The idea became reality.

First of all, we supplied friends and acquaintances with our high-quality olive oil. Today we sell and produce our olive oil in cooperation with families from the neighborhood who maintain and cultivate an ancient olive oil tradition. Our olive oil is exceptional in taste and quality. We only produce and sell "extra virgin olive oil" from the region of origin.

Brand Description

We only produce and sell "extra virgin olive oil" from the region of origin. The olives for our Jordan olive oil come exclusively from our own cultivation and from families from the mountainous region of the island of Lesbos. We only use the olives Adramitiani and Kolovi for our oil. The fruits are cold-pressed and processed naturally.
Olives can be harvested by hand with sticks and harvest rakes or with special vibrators and full harvesters. We harvest the olives in our olive groves exclusively by hand with sticks and rakes. The olives loosened from the tree are caught in large nets that were previously placed under the trees. This is the most complex, but also the most value-preserving method of olive picking. In this way, the olives can really be harvested at the perfect time of ripening. The production is carried out with the most modern equipment and according to the regulations of the European Union. The high quality standards that we have for our work and our oil are confirmed by our satisfied customers.
The valuable Jordan olive oil receives its special aroma and unique taste through natural processing. In this way, we guarantee that the valuable accompanying fat substances and, last but not least, the fine fruity taste in the olive oil are preserved.

The noble half-liter bottle with our award-winning olive oil. The bottle sits perfectly in the hand and looks particularly good next to the stove.
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