Herriza de la Lobilla


History of our oil

Traditions are passed from father to son…. It was the 1930s, according to the legend of the locals of Osuna that in the early and silent mornings bathed by the thickest fog, as they passed the “Cañada Real de Ronda” cattle trail just between the hills of La Gomera and El Gomerón they listened in At the top of the hills the howls of the wolves, many did not even want to look, their breath froze and they clung tightly to the reins of their beasts to try to pass as quickly as possible.


The wolves used to prowl around the countryside and these hills and it was right at the top of a nearby fence between wild olive trees and surrounded by a blanket of piglets where the distant figure of a wolf was seen for the last time.

Hence that herriza was known and baptized generation after generation as "Herriza de la Lobilla"

Our centenary olive trees have witnessed many legends since time immemorial, they tell stories of Romans, conquests, wolves and men, all of them lived from a privileged place, watching the passing of time.

Side of the Herriza de la Lobilla

MILLENNIAL olive trees that mark the boundary of the land

Our best oil comes from Wild Centennial Olives

EVOO Premium. Hojiblanca 500ml Early harvest 2021


Intense and high fruity green olive. Very complex on the nose, with an intense aroma of olive leaf, green banana, tomato, alloza and a touch of green apple as a secondary aroma. This monovarietal from Hojiblanca has a smooth and clean entry on the palate, very marked bitterness and spiciness with a certain pleasant persistence on the palate.

As a more characteristic note, the chilli hotness typical of Hojiblancas Verdes stands out, which appears after tasting with great intensity. This EVOO has obtained the 4th place as the best EVOO in the community of Andalusia prepared by a producer in the ESAO Awars 2021 Gold Medal at NYIOOC 2021 as the best hojiblanca monovarietal.

Ultra Premium EVOO with high phenolic content. Lechín & Acebuche. Harvest 2021


Ultra Premium EVOO with high phenolic content. more than an oil, a medicinal load of natural antioxidants. It is a Coupage with a special personality, it fuses the indomitable of the Centenarian Lechín varieties and the wild Acebuches of our Herriza. It is presented in an exclusive Limited Edition bottle (only 400 units numbered by hand) dressed in a completely personalized case designed for this unique EVOO whose production depends each year on the weather and the land.

A fruity green EVOO harvested by hand during the first full moon in October. It is one of the healthiest EVOOs in the world, guaranteed by the European hallmark of natural polyphenols. Top 10 EVOOs according to the ESAO Awars of Andalusia made by a producer in 2020 and 2021 Top 100 EVOOs of Spain 2021 according to the Iber Oleum guide with 85 points out of 100.


What is "oleotourism"?

Imagine a day surrounded by olive trees, learning how oil is produced and getting to know the different kinds of olives, their environment, customs ... this is oleotourism.

Tourism focused on the production of oil that aims to disseminate the main characteristics and processes of olive oil production.

Spain is considered the largest olive grove in the world, which is why it is the main destination for this type of tourism. These tours take place mainly in Andalusia, in the southern part of the Iberian Peninsula.

Our company,. Oleico Pallarés SL is on the Oleotourism route, by appointment you can visit our facilities to see how our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is manufactured and also know LA HERRIZA DE LA LOBILLA, where our centenary wild olive trees are and where the wolves used to prowl around the countryside and these hills and it was right at the top of a nearby fence between wild olive trees and surrounded by a blanket of piglets where the distant figure of a she-wolf was seen for the last time ... more info .

What are you waiting for to spend an unforgettable day full of stories and tasting our delicious oil at a good breakfast?

Call us at +34 607 816 614 or send us an email to to make an appointment.


Grinding or maquila service:

At Oleico Pallarés SL, we offer this service by which you have the possibility of obtaining the oil from your own olives , in other words, the client brings their own olives and takes the oil that their olives have produced, thus being able to enjoy the quality of your oil and consume it in your daily life.

Our facilities are certified as an organic oil mill by the prestigious certifier Sohiscert.

Therefore, if the client has ecological certification of their olives, in our facilities the oil obtained will be 100% with ecological certification.

For the maquila service, the client must bring a minimum of 500 kg of olives to our facilities and reserve an appointment by calling 854 56 13 13 or 607 81 66 14 .

Our doors are open to anyone who wishes to visit our facilities.

We are in Osuna, C / Carraca Europea 23 (Pol.Ind Las Vegas)


C/ Carraca europea 23. 41640 Osuna (Sevilla).

Commercial Director Alvaro PallarésBlanco 607 81 66 14

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