The Yaser’s and the HajHassan’s have a long history in producing olive oil. From  generation to generation, both families have curated their olive groves in Jenin and Birzet, with reverence and curiosity. Although 48% of land in Palestine is planted with olive trees, and the olive oil industry is robust, the quality is under-served because of milling practices and storage. This is what prompted our founders to put their efforts together, and build an olive oil press with the highest world standards, in order to bolster and serve this rich olive heritage. Green Gold Mills was born in 2020, delivering to you our first batch!

Green Gold Mill is located in Um Atout village in Jenin, also known as the breadbasket of Palestine, and especially rich in olive trees. We buy our olives directly from farmers, ensuring fair compensation. In addition, our milling and extraction techniques ensure the highest yield, which is paramount for farmers, who have come to trust us with their precious harvest.

One of our goals was to become leaders in Eco-friendly practices, which is why we are proud to be the first waterless mechanical cold extraction mill in Palestine. Green Gold Mill serves not only the olive growers of the region, but also its nature, by saving the system from the discharge of tons of black water, typical of olive oil mills. In addition to saving the environment from harmful by-products, this waterless extraction preserves the quality and organoleptic properties of the olive oil. This is why the acidity of our olive oil is well below 0.8% and maintains high standards of olive oil quality.


Green Gold produces premium olive oil, from olives that are sourced from underserved and often marginalized farmers in Palestine. We stand by our ecologically sustainable practices, transparency and fair direct payment to farmers. We deeply understand that olive oil is the means to livelihood for many Palestinian farmers, and we honor the labor of love and patience that goes into this tradition and trade.
With exceptional quality ingredients, we provide world class niche Palestinian products. This is also represented through our top quality bottle design and packaging; allowing us to compete with premium global products, fit for high-end seller shelves and restaurants. 

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Green Gold Mill
Um Atout
City: Jenin
Country: Palestine
Tel: +972593010552