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For many generations Girone-Bisceglie family has been working in the agricultural sector developing techniques and farming processes always aimed at an agriculture that is good, efficient and respectful of the natural cycle

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Olio GangaLupo History

Luigi and Vito grew up playing between the lines of olive trees in the Ganga di Lupo district, chasing the tractor of their father Michele, who taught them the love for cropland fruits, and with their mother Maria who taught them family moral values like patience and constancy with which, through an uninterrupted work, they pick the fruits.

In the 15 hectares of olive groves, the olive cultivar coratina production reached about 800/900 quintals per year. In 2017, Girone’s family decided to invest in the direct transformation of the product. Thanks to a great attention to the selection of the best olive oil mill and to a choice of a cold pressing process, the Olio GangaLupo oil is bottled

agricultural and environmental science.
Always working with his father
he’s an expert
cultivator at a mere age of 30.

is a very young building engineer. After getting his degree,
he went to Torino to work but he hasn’t forgotten his roots and he has applied his initiative to the family company.

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 A stranger in the kitchen.

Would you ever invite a stranger to your home, having him sit down at your table? Would you let him approach your children? It could be difficult to believe this but you do it daily: the stranger in question is the extra virgin olive oil. Let’s learn to know it better.
In order to produce a high-quality extra virgin olive oil, it is important to have sound olives picked at the right level of ripening and pressed after the harvesting.

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