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Born in Orvieto to a family whose local roots go back over 500 years, Cesare Bianchini’s love for food and flavor was nourished by his family restaurant, which has been serving the area for 150 years. A renowned specialist in Italian antiques, Cesare brings his singular knowledge of the land’s culture and heritage to his care for the trees and the oil they offer.
With more than 12 years of experience in producing extra virgin olive oils in the region, Cesare oversees all the farming and olive oil production for Domenica Fiore—from the careful cultivation of the olives to the harvesting, milling and bottling.
A master of growing and blending, Cesare is a true artist. He knows how the land influences the flavor of the oil, and how to combine different flavors to create something truly sublime. He is a professional olive oil taster with Italy’s National Organization of Olive Oil Tasters, the world’s leading school devoted to the art of olive oil tasting.
“My goal is to create something very special: an olive oil with a flavor that captures all that is memorable about this land, its culture and its people.”


Domenica Fiore shares a love of Italy, the land and the rich flavors it yields. The Domenica Fiore team is driven by offering the purest, freshest products—and the exacting processes this quality demands.
Italy has special meaning for Frank Giustra, both as a homeland and a heartland. Born in Canada to parents who had emigrated from Italy, he and his family have been returning throughout his lifetime.
It was on a trip to Orvieto that Frank tasted an olive oil with a flavor unlike any other. He was so inspired it set him on a path to create the best olive oil in the world: an uncompromising product with every step of the production process traceable, from beginning to end.
The pursuit of the greater good has always been a driving force in Frank’s life—whether through tending a beloved orchard or establishing a philanthropic initiative to eradicate global poverty. He thinks big and he envisions a better world.
“There is a saying: ‘Dentro l’olio la memoria della terra.’ Within the oil lies the memory of the land. My hope is to produce an oil whose flavors capture this memory, and in the process preserve the land for generations to come.”

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