“Černeka” extra virgin olive oil has been awarded many gold medals both at home and outside Croatia:

 – 2006. – included in “SLOW FOOD EDITORE” catalog

 – 2008. – won the award “VICEŠAMPION” on the “MASLINA” show in Split

 – 2009. – included in “L’EXTRAVERGINE” catalog

– from 2010 – included in “FLOS OLEI” catalog

 – 2020. – Champion of the 5th Olive Festival in Zagreb

 -2020. – winner of the “NYIOCC” gold medal in New York

 -2020. – winner of the “Atena International Olive Oil Competition” gold medal in Greec


Our oil is of green – yellow colour and its taste is dominated by the flavor and smell of grass, fruit and evergreen trees. It is a mild bitter taste, elegantly spicy and aromatic. It can be, therefore, used with all types of food – boiled and roasted fish, meats, vegetables and various cheeses.






About us

The Černeka family has long had the tradition of cultivating olives, inherited from their ancestors, in the Sovinjak area near Buzet.

 The olive oil coming from these parts was mentioned in as early as the Middle Ages. The Roman Empress Livija Drusilla nourished her body with the olive oil coming from this area and managed to keep a fresh and youthful look well into old age.

 On the northernmost continental point of the Northern Istria peninsula olive groves thrive on terraced calcareous and limestone soil 210-290 meters above sea level.


Colors blue, white and green are the markings of Istria – the largest Croatian peninsula, located in the northern part of the Adriatic, close to Slovenia and Italy.

The blueness of the sea is in contrast with the green heartland and the white stone of charming places on the hills.

 The landscape of Istria irresistibley resembles the most beautiful areas of Tuscany or Provence.

 Hills covered with olive groves and vineyards, which proudly elevate a picturesque medieval villages, inspire many artists and are the perfect destination for vacation and gastronomic delights. You are far from the city crowd, surrounded by peace and the gentle chirp of birds …

 The tasting room of Černeka family, decorated in autochthonous Istrian style in stone and wood

A true gastronomic pleasure of tasting and enjoying the flavors

 The story of olive oil would not be complete if it didn’t end with gastronomic pleasure, tasting and enjoying the tastes, freshness, bitterness and fullness. In our tasting room, besides enjoying the tastes of olive oil, you can enjoy all the other homemade delicacies throughout the year.

 In our olive oil mill, learn the process of processing extra virgin olive oil with a unique gastronomic experience:

 – Tour of olive groves
 – Tasting of olive oil
 – Olive oil mill tour

 Along with an expert tour of olive groves and mill, you can choose from 4 olive oil tasting packages.

Olive oil mill

We process the olives with advanced technology in our own olive manufacture “Torkop”. The olives are grown traditionally, without special treatment. We harvest them at the beginning of October and process them in the same day by cold method, which ensure high quality and acknowledgement.

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